The Advance Payments Program (APP) of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada provides producers with cash advances on eligible commodities. These advances provide producers with improved cash flow, therefore increasing the flexibility producers have in marketing their products.  Producers can access up to $400,000 in advances, of which the first $100,000 is interest-free and the remaining $300,000 is interest-bearing. The amount of the advance reflects up to 50% of the expected market value of the agricultural product, and must be repaid upon sale of the commodity or at the end of the production period, whichever comes first.

While approximately 25,000 farmers across Canada participate in the Advance Payment Program, there are a significant number of farmers that have not participated in the program and have not obtained an interest-free loan.  The Advance Payment Program is currently being evaluated by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and one evaluation goal is to find out why more Canadian farmers do not participate in the APP.  Consequently, if you have not received an APP interest-free loan, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada would like to know why as well as what changes to APP would increase participation by producers. Your feedback is very important to ensure that the APP benefits as many producers as possible. To provide your feedback, you can either:

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