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R.M. of Douglas No. 436 Bylaws

R.M. of Douglas No. 436 Bylaws 1-91 Haying Policy re: Salvage of roadside hay. 1-93 Obstructions Adjacent to Road Allowances re: set back distances. 2-94 Situating of Buildings re: set back distances. 2000-03 Breaking, injuring, obstructing roads. 2001-01 Animals running at large. 2005-01 Public Notice Policy. 2006-01 Abatement of Nuisances. 2006-04 General Penalty Bylaw. 2007-02 […]

Spring Road Restrictions – In Effect April 9 at 12:01 AM

Pursuant to section 35(1) of “The Highways and Transportation Act,1997” it is hereby ordered that effective Monday, April 9, 2018, at 12:01 AM and until further notice, vehicles other than those exempted in Part II, section 3 (2) and 3 (5) of “The Vehicle Weight and Dimensions Regulations, 2010”, shall be restricted as follows: Steering […]

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