Dyck Memorial Bridge

The Dyck Memorial Road west of Swan Plain will be closed August 6, 2018.  The bridge replacement will start, the bridge will be removed completely so please do not cross the barricades.  The workers will completely stop working whenever someone other than a crew member comes on site, this will make the job take longer than need be, projections are that the replacement will take 4 – 6 weeks.

Swan Plain Bridge

The bridge that is west of Swan Plain on the Dyck Memorial Road will be replaced this year.  Construction should begin by the end of July and the job will be completed within 8 weeks.  During the construction that section of the Dyck Memorial Road shall be closed completely.  Please do not cross the barricades, let the crew work as the bridge will be completely removed.

Fire Ban

The Fire Ban that was put on for our Municipality has been temporarily lifted but ONLY FOR West of Grid 650.  So that is Hyas-Danbury west, please exercise extreme caution, if it is windy or dries up any more please refrain from burning.

Hyas-Danbury East is still under a Fire Ban, no burning is allowed.

Pulling Shoulders

The Staff has started to pull shoulders on Highway 8 north of Swan Plain. Please drive with a little extra caution on this section of road.  This causes clay to be pulled up and placed on the top of the road surface, if it rains the road will become a bit more slippery.  This is annoying but it is critical for the upkeep of the road.