The R.M. of Clayton No. 333 is offering custom dust control as follows:

Width of PassCost
4.5 metre pass$0.85 per linear foot
6 metre pass$1.10 per linear foot
The width of the pass is based on the road width therefore is not the option of the customer.  Please refer to the dust control email sent to customers or contact the municipal office for this information.
The minimum order is 350 linear feet of dust control suppressant.
Dust control is subject to PST and shall be added to the cost.
  • The date for application is tentatively scheduled for the week of June 5, 2023.  The start date is dependent on the weather and the supplier’s schedule.
  • Dust control sites shall be graded and cared for as the road is a municipal asset.  The staff will try the best to only grade the site when it is wet with heavy dew or rain, but this is not always an option and occasional dry grading is required.
  • Green flags are to be used to mark out the dust control application area.  Flags must be put out one week prior to delivery and removed after application.  The applicant is responsible to keep the flags for reuse each year.
  • It is the property owner’s responsibility to place and remove the flags.  Dust control suppressant is metered during application and the property owner will be invoiced for dust control amounts applied not ordered.  Differences of +/- 10 linear feet between the ordered and applied amount will not be disputed.
  • A SIGNED Dust Control Contract of Understanding must be received in the municipal office by 12:00 NOON on Wednesday May 24, 2023.  There are NO EXCEPTIONS.  ‘SAME AS LAST YEAR’ will not be accepted on the form therefore the amount of linear feet ordered must be clearly indicated.  Signed contracts can be emailed, faxed or left in the grey drop box located on the south rock wall of the municipal office.
  • New this year – prepayment is not required as customers will be invoiced on actual applied amounts.

Contact the municipal office at 306-594-2832 or by email at for additional information.  Regular office hours are Monday to Thursday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.  NOTE:  the municipal office will be closed for some of the days prior to the deadline so please contact us early with any questions.  Check the website, voicemail message and the dust control email for additional information regarding dust control and office hours.  Thank you.