Ratepayers and residents of the municipality are encouraged to view wildfire information, including fire bans, on the following Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency websites for current information such as:

  • Active wildfire map
  • Provincial and municipal fire ban maps
  • Daily fire danger map
  • Procedure to obtain a burn notification number if you plan to burn in or within 4.5 km of a provincial forest

The links are:  



Controlled Burns:

If you need to burn grass, bush piles or stubble, be well-prepared and have fire guards in place. Report “controlled burns” in order to avoid unnecessary fire calls and charges.

As per section 369 of The Municipalities Act, unpaid fire call invoices will be added to your property taxes.

Controlled Burn Line – Call 1-866-404-4911 24/7 – 365 days/year
You will be asked:
• What is your land location?
• What is your RM number?
• What are you burning?
• How long will your burn last?
• Your name and phone number

You will be asked to call back once the burn has been completed.

The link for the controlled burn line information is:


Burn Notification Numbers:

If you plan to burn in or within 4.5 kilometers of the provincial forest during the wildfire season (April 1 to October 31), you may also need a burn notification number.

These are available from the Ministry of Environment’s Wildfire Management Forest Protection Offices. Please call the Hudson Bay Office at 306-865-4500.