Spring Road Restrictions – In Effect April 9 at 12:01 AM

Pursuant to section 35(1) of “The Highways and Transportation Act,1997” it is hereby ordered that
effective Monday, April 9, 2018, at 12:01 AM and until further notice, vehicles other than those exempted in Part II, section 3 (2) and 3 (5) of “The Vehicle Weight and Dimensions Regulations, 2010”, shall be restricted as follows:

Steering Axle:

  • 10.0 kg per mm (560 pounds per inch) width of tire (manufacturer’s stamped dimension) to a maximum of 5,500 kg on the steering axle for a truck or truck tractor equipped with a single steering axle.
  • 11,000 kg on the steering axle group for a truck or truck tractor equipped with a tandem axle steering group.

Other Axles:

  • 6.25 kg per mm (350 pounds per inch) width of tire (manufacturer’s stamped dimension) to a maximum of 1,650 kg (3,638 pounds) per tire.

This order does not permit the weight on any axle, axle group or vehicle from exceeding the maximum weight prescribed in the “The Vehicle Weight and Dimension Regulations, 2010” for that axle, axle group or vehicle.

The restriction does not apply to:

 Emergency vehicles;
 Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure vehicles and municipal maintenance equipment when conducting maintenance or accessing sites on or along the restricted highway;
 SaskPower, SaskEnergy and SaskTel vehicles when accessing sites along the restricted route;
 Recreational vehicles;
 Buses;
 Farm Equipment operated or towed;
 Vehicles directly crossing a Provincial Highway at an intersecting public highway or private road.

Please click the image above for a full list of restricted roads or CLICK HERE


AGM presentation on wildfires goes viral; how to donate

APAS Director Don Connick spoke about the October 17 wildfires in Southwestern Saskatchewan in an emotional presentation at the APAS AGM that was live streamed on Facebook and has subsequently been viewed more than 600 times. That video is available to watch and share on our Youtube account, https://youtu.be/OlqvJJCkaTM. APAS is making a donation to the wildfire relief fund in lieu of AGM speaker gifts, click here to make a donation as well.


Wheat Board Election Results

APAS wishes to congratulate the successful candidates in the 2017 Sask Wheat Director Elections. APAS is looking forward to working with Bill Gehl, Brett Halstead, Jake Leguee and Ken Rosaasen (APAS Representative for RM #344, Corman Park).